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Bill Langer

In 1966 Dick Langer started his business with a 1951 GMC pickup truck and a wheelbarrow.  Due to his strong work ethic and quality of service the company, named after his wife Karen, has grown.  Today the company’s fleet ranges from large and small excavators, bull dozers, dump trucks, back hoes, bob cats, compactors, and land clearing equipment.  While much has changed over the years, Kare Construction has maintained a level of trust in the community that seals contracts with a simple handshake.


Bill Langer, Dick’s eldest son, began to work with his father in 1987 as a teenager.  Together they pride themselves on executing quality work by utilizing the skills and knowledge they have gained from many years in the business.


We are an owner operated company, and all work is performed and overseen by Bill Langer on the job, all the time.



“…In two years’ time we have seen some crazy weather with heavy rain.  Early on I was worried that the heavy rains would create serious erosion issues that I would be chasing after each storm.  Fortunately that has not been the case. The site work has held up extremely well… I realize the extra effort you put in to ensure a quality job.  My family loves the house, the yard and the whole setting.  We all admire the job you did!”

– Sean Sullivan, 2013